EllieB's jewelry collection embodies her passion for artistry as well as her understanding of what women really need and want. Having always appreciated the work and creativity of fine costume jewelry, EllieB decided, in 2011, to take it a step further. She wants to let others enjoy her passion and creativity, along with her great eye for one of a kind pieces, with her family’s retail flair.

EllieB was created in 2012 after years of designing fine custom jewelry for friends and those around her. This unique perspective, coupled with her talent, allows EllieB to showcase elegance and uniquely expressive pieces at affordable prices.

EllieB is forever evolving and expanding her focus on e-commerce ingenuity. 

The Jewelry

EllieB designs are unique, with a philosophy to have a diverse and superb collection of jewelry and accessories that can take you from basic to evening without any effort.

We would love to hear from you. Please send an e-mail to info@ellieb.ca.